When this domain was bought and installed the first time in spring 2000 it was planned to contain information and photographs of me and two of my favorite topics: cats and sleep. Hence the name of the domain: catnap.
This first version, showing two lonely photographs of sleeping cats, remained as it was for over four years now. I am still in love with cats and sleep remained one of the most important but also mysterious processes for me. Unsurprisingly, I was very interested when I had the opportunity to investigate sleep and possible computational techniques for decision support in the diagnosis of sleep apnea in my German diploma thesis. Thus, the focus of this whole site is currently set on sleep and my diploma project but I still plan to provide some nice photographs of sleeping cats and various information about the cats' sleep in the nearby future.
The last topic I did not talk about yet is my private life. Since a quite long while now I share my time, my holidays, my every-day experiences, ... almost everything with the same person: My dear wife, Peggy. That's wonderful, and thus the private section has moved and can be found at our family site,
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